1 – Wondra: Indomitable Spirit

“Wondra: Indomitable Spirit” introduces us to a modern day Amazon, who appears out of nowhere to rescue a woman from a crazed serial killer. Seems a simple enough task for a super-powered heroine; however, there is much more to this situation than meets the eye. Soon, our heroine becomes embroiled in a plot that has major ramifications for her adopted country. In this episode, we are not only introduced to Wondra, but to her alter ego, an MI6 agent whose well-guarded secret may soon be revealed to the world!

“Indomitable Spirit” is a film that is a must see if you have any interest whatsoever in the superheroine mythos. It is the powerful film that takes us at a feverish pace into a world like none other! Be sure to join the wild ride and contribute to the expansion of this fan-based superheroine world by purchasing our very first such production. Be sure to add “Wondra: Indomitable Spirit” to your video collection!

The video is 24 minutes in length (not counting closing credits) and in BIG screen format and resolution, making it close to 3 GB in size. This is the best value, but for a couple of dollars less we will have a smaller version for those with limited download space and power. Either way, you get the full story of Wondra’s debut in “Wondra: Indomitable Spirit”!

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