Hall of Heroines

Superheroine Fans is a site dedicated to fans of the Superheroine phenomenon, and features tales of sensational heroines as played by the most beautiful actresses in the industry. Our character and actress bios are below. There is no porn or nudity in these videos, just stories featuring beautiful superheroines in exciting adventures!


Wonderkick is a fan of Wondra, in other words an unofficial Wondra sidekick. Having trained for the role, when Wondra disappears in the upcoming "Wondra 2: The Missing Heroines", Wonderkick dons a costume to try to find her missing idol. In the proce
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Ultrawoman is the second major Amazon warrior to be introduced into our Superheroine Fans universe. As played by Lovely Lynda, this Amazon hides in plain site as a human heroine, Agent Steel of MI6! Unlike the alter egos of most superheroines who see
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Seer is a computer techno wizard who backs up Darkwing as her assistant and confidant. Her real name is Serina Dione. For the most part, she communicates with Darkwing from ‘The Nest’, their secret hideout, but in the future she will become more
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Catwarrior, like Darkwing, is a creature of the night, but she walks a fine line between heroine and criminal. As a cat burglar, she has fenced stolen goods through the mysterious organization known as the Seventh Sanctum! Catwarrior is a very experi
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Darkwing is a vigilante who hunts down her criminal prey in the night-shrouded streets of Edgewing City. Darkwing hides her real identity as Stephanie Kane from all except her associate, the computer savvy Seer! Together, they attempt to make a diffe
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Wondra, as played by gorgeous Emma G., is an MI6 operative who shares her body with a princess of the almost mythological Amazons. When she transforms into Wondra, she is virtually unstoppable! Her powers include superhuman strength, endurance, sp
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Supernova will be our second heroine, who will debut in "Supernova: Heroine from the Stars"!

Supernova is played by beautiful Danica Thrall, and is just as powerful as Wondra, plus has the powers of flight and heat v
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