This site is dedicated to the Superheroines of all universes, but why are the heroines here different from those elsewhere? Here’s why…

Almost all of the iconic superheroines are only derivatives of more powerful male superheroes, or support characters who were first introduced in male dominated series, such as Supergirl, Batgirl, Catwoman and many others. Wonder Woman is one of the few exceptions. In our universe, however, it is the Superheroines who are the most powerful warriors and guardians on Earth.

In homage to the great heroines of many universes, we have introduced our new brand of heroines, commencing with the most powerful Amazon of all… Wondra!

Following Wondra’s debut, we introduced you to Supernova, and then the vigilante known as Darkwing. I hope you have been enjoying their adventures in these video dramas with an edge… but that maintain the feel of the characters who you have been weaned on. We have taken these heroines to a whole new level of enjoyment. Introducing the top three Superheroine Fans heroines was only the beginning. We are now rolling out more of their adventures, plus new heroines and cross-overs involving many of our most popular heroines.

Now, this site is not just for women and girls, these heroines are for everyone, because they prove that heroines can be much more than derivative or secondary characters. They are the stars of the show, and they certainly look the part of movie stars!

In addition to enjoying our fan video trailers, we ask that you buy the videos and/or donate to this site in order to help fund the production of more and varied female heroines. With your support, we can grow this Superheroine universe to encompass all of your favourite female heroine types. We appreciate your support of this project.

Superheroine Fans Administration