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10 - Catwarrior 2: Caged
Catwarrior enters Whiplash's secret government facility and is confronted by Agent August, who attempts to discover Catwarrior's agenda! What is this experienced thief trying to steal and why? Also, who will come out on top in this battle of the superheroine babes!
Superheroine Fans Episode
9 - Supernova 2: Enemies At The Gate
Supernova may be powerful, but she comes up against two unusual enemies who give her a run for her money, First, Xander insists that he's a threat despite being locked up in federal prison. When she goes to confront him, she becomes embroiled in a battle of wits. Secondly, she is called in to stop a super-powered adversary, and finds that she not only looks like the missing Wondra, but appears to have all of Wondra's powers plus an additional power for which Supernova has no defence! Thus begins the Dark Wondra Saga!
Superheroine Fans Episode
8 - Darkwing 3: Recovery
Darkwing returns for another adventure as she follows the trail of the stolen "rock" and its current possessor, the Red Ribbon Strangler, to an encounter with some of the most challenging foes that she has yet encountered, including the female warrior known as DeadKill and the powerful villain known as Bloodletter! Our Vivacious Vigilante is outnumbered at every turn, but her determination and finely tuned fighting skills keeps her in the game as she makes every effort to recover the rock! "Recovery" is our third Darkwing video and, perhaps, our best! Don't miss it!
Superheroine Fans Episode
7 - Ultrawoman: Heroine on Duty
"Ultrawoman: Heroine on Duty" introduces us to a different kind of Amazon protector, whose dual identity is a trained espionage agent! Agent Steel, as played by Lovely Lynda, returns to duty after a lengthy undercover assignment, and immediately becomes embroiled in am operation in Edgewing City that appears to be connected with the mysterious Seventh Sanctum. Her opponents are sufficiently powerful that they defeat Agent Steel, so she calls upon the power of her Amazon alter ego... Ultrawoman! Soon, Ultrawoman finds that she is fighting a battle on two fronts with the evil Seventh Sanctum trying to collect or eliminate her, and the mysterious vigilante known as Darkwing trying to edge her out of Edgewing City! She battles on despite the odds! Don't miss Ultrawoman's first adventure and her initial encounters with Darkwing.
6 - Darkwing 2: Rock 'N Roll
Darkwing returns with a vengeance in "Darkwing 2: Rock 'N Roll"! She is following the trail of Wondra's disappearance, which leads her to a dispute with the upstart Wonderkick. Then, she follows up on the mysterious rock that was stolen from the Edgewing City Museum, which brings her into conflict with the enigmatic Agent August. Gaining an insight into those behind the theft, Darkwing uses her civilian identity as socialite Stephanie Kane, to move her investigation to the next level. Unfortunately for her, the powerful villain known as Morpheus interrupts her meeting with Mr. Lord and discovers her well-guarded secret... that Stephaie Kane is Darkwing! This action-packed episode is not to be missed!
Superheroine Fans Episode
5 - Wondra 2: The Missing Heroines
Wondra returns and is tracking down the supplier of illegal weapons when the tide turns against her and her civilian alter ego. The result is that Wondra and another heroine mysteriously vanish, leaving Supernova and Darkwing to pick up the pieces. In the process, Wondra, played by Emma G., must take on the tough and resourceful female villain known as Deadkill! This latest Wondra adventure is scheduled for a November 1st release!
Superheroine Fans Episode
4 - Catwarrior: The Reluctant Heroine
Mink plays the sassy cat burglar known as Catwarrior, who finds herself in the unenviable position of being in conflict with legendary villain Master Mace and the mysterious criminal organization known as the Seventh Sanctum. Enjoy Catwarrior's debut in "Catwarrior: The Reluctant Heroine" which is now available. Click on the image to the right to play the trailer.
3 - Darkwing: Vivacious Vigilante
"Darkwing: Vivacious Vigilante" introduces a different type of heroine, one who leaps from the shadows with skill, determination with fearlessness! Our dark vigilante, Darkwing, takes on Master Mace and then defends her crusade against crime when Supernova herself intervenes to bring her to justice! Check out the trailer to get a small glimpse of the action as our dark avenger makes her entry into the SF universe! Click on the image to the right to play the trailer.
2 - Supernova: Saviour From The Stars
This is the episode that introduces Supernova to the Superheroine Fans universe. Check out the Supernova Trailer to get a small taste of the world of this gorgeous guardian from the stars! Click on the image to the right to play the trailer.
Superheroine Fans Episode
1 - Wondra: Indomitable Spirit
This is the episode that introduces Wondra to the Superheroine Fans universe. Check out the Wondra Trailer to get a small taste of the world of this gorgeous Amazon heroine! Click on the image to the right to play the trailer.